Coronavirus: How To Protect Your Mental Health

Feeling anxious?Isolated? More than ever taking care of our mental health should be our priority while we adapt to living with Covid-19. Here are "five a day" recommendations for good mental health and wellbeing while we prepare for weeks and months of coronavirus pandemic ahead:
Connect - Be active - Keep learning - Give to others - Be mindful. Let's see how we can put these in practice.

1. Connect : check in regularly with the people that matter in your life. Maybe even set a specific time to do so. A walk in nature, prayer, our pets, these are all different ways to nurture our feeling of connection.
2. Be active: can't go to the gym or join your yoga class? Youtube is filled with exercise routines you can try at home. Make sure you access nature and sunlight whenever possible.
3. Keep learning: there has never been a better time to read a book or try that on-line course. Learn from what is happening around you. How are people reacting? How are you reacting? What does that mean in terms of who/what is important in your life?
4. Give to others: focus on your "circle of influence," like family, close friends. Many are loosing income and are in dire need of help. And not only material help. Your time, support, patience and love can make a difference.
5. Be mindful: Limit the amount of time you spend reading or watching things which aren't making you feel better. Perhaps decide on a specific time to check in with the news. There is a lot of misinformation swirling around - stay informed by sticking to trusted sources of information. Have breaks from social media and mute things which are triggering. Keep at the top of your to-do list the above mentioned points!

In order to protect your psychological wellbeing every day make sure you connect with these five basics. Finally, if you're self-isolating and/or working from home, strike a balance between having a routine(work, chores, kids home schooling, etc...) and making sure each day has some variety that includes breaks.
Advice on protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.


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